With the first approvals of the CAR T cell treatments in Europe, a partial victory in the fight against hematological malignancies was achieved. However, the route from bench to bedside poses several challenges, demanding for a European-wide harmonization process. This is what the Regulatory Workshop on the Development of CAR-T cells aims for: Exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer will be the central aspects of the event on 29-30 January, 2020 in Sitges (Spain).

The two-day agenda comprises an overview on CAR-T development and regulatory aspects in the two H2020 projects EURE-CART (European Endeavour for Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapies) and CARAMBA (SLAMF7-CAR T for Immunotherapy of Multiple Myeloma). The issues emerged from project experience will be discussed, and the requirements for CAR-T cells to enter first-in-human studies will be shown from different points of view.

All hematologists, oncologists, physicians, nurses, data managers and patient organization representatives are welcome to register until January 13th. Number of participants is limited to 100.

Date: Wed 29 – Thur 30 January, 2020
Venue: Melia Sitges Hotel, Sitges (Spain)

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