In close collarboration between the CARAMBA partners Paul-Ehrlich-Insitiute, DRK-BSD and the University Hospital in Wuerzburg, first CARAMBA data were published on the bioRxiv platform.


Widespread treatment of human diseases with gene therapies necessitates the development of gene transfer vectors that integrate genetic information effectively, safely and economically. Accordingly, significant efforts have been devoted to engineer novel tools that i) achieve high-level stable gene transfer at low toxicity to the host cell; ii) induce low levels of genotoxicity and possess a ‘safe’ integration profile with a high proportion of integrations into safe genomic locations; and iii) are associated with acceptable cost per treatment and scalable/exportable vector production to serve large numbers of patients. The Sleeping Beauty (SB) transposon has been transformed into a vector system that is fulfilling these requirements.

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